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Half year LDEK tutoring started 13th of february 2017

Last tutoring to LDEK were very exhausting for me and my students.

They spent six hours a day learning which gives the semester (5 days a week learning) 30 hours per week, 120 hours a month, 720 hours per semester. After such a study can only think about improving result.Question me about whether you can succeed with me clear that so ,, many about this convinced. There are also those who only used the 3 hour lesson with me and they do not work at home on the book ... is not enough !!! I am, of course, I will turn attention to the lack of knowledge, tell what you need, complement notes, will give a lecture but without independent work no effect. Like an athlete without independent training do not effect anything even if he wanted to coach as well.You need to study by yourself.My koordynation and supervision allows all systematize and improve knowledge. I demand, gives 100% for YOU! !! but also expects full cooperation !! Dear it is not light science it is very HARD WORK SCIENTIFIC !!!! "It requires patience and relentless pursuit of the goal, regardless of the bad days, resentment, lack of sleep ... requires consistency, persistence and maniacal desire to fulfill your dreams !!! I AM SUCH AND SO I teach