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  • English division students
    6 months - 75h
    from 17.02.2020 to 1.09.2020
  • Conventional dentistry
    4 lessons (12 hours)
  • Children's dentistry
    4 lessons (12 hours)
  • Dental surgery
    5 lessons (15 hours)
  • Periodontology
    4 lessons (12 hours)
  • Dental prosthetics
    5 lessons (15 hours)
  • Ortodontics-I discuss
    3 lessons (9 hours)

English division students


  • Multimedia dimension of science to the Medical-Dental-Final Examination for doctors and students
  • Progressive lessons by Skype to LDEK at such a high level and in such a detailed scope
  • Meetings with the academic teacher on Skype, I ask and ask about material
  • Material grouped thematically
  • Tutoring program spread over one semester of study - 6 months
  • 25 three-hour clock lessons
  • The lesson takes place once a week from Monday to Friday
  • You can take an annual course of 2 semesters
  • Solving the latest tests on every lesson 2016-2019


Tutoring program - 17 february 2020- 1 st september 2020-half year program

  • Conventional dentistry 4 lessons (12 hours) - 3 books
    Dentistry. Clinical outline. Handbook for dentistry students, edited by: Jańczuk Z., Kaczmarek U., Lipski M., 4th edition, PZWL Warsaw 2014
    Piątowska D .: Contemporary Kariologia. Clinical procedure ", edition I, Med. Tour Press, Warsaw 2009
    Arabska-Przedpełska B., Pawlicka H.:"Current endodontics in practice ", edition I, Bestom Łódź 2011
  • Children's dentistry 4 lessons (12 hours) - 4 books
    Contemporary Dentistry of Developmental Age. Edited by M. Dorota Olczak-Kowalczyk, Joanna Szczepańska and Urszula Kaczmarek. Med. Tour Press International, Wyd. I, Otwock 2017
    Pediatric dentistry, ed. A.C. Cameron, R.P. Widmer, Urban & Partner, Wrocław 2013, ed. 2
    Prevention and treatment of carious disease in children, edited by D. Olczak-Kowalczyk, L. Wagner, Ed. Borgi, Warsaw 2013, ed. 1.
    Post-traumatic tooth injury, J.O. Andreasen, F.M. Andreasen, L.K. Bakland, M.T. Flores, [ed. ed. Polish Urszula Kaczmarek], Urban & Partner, Wrocław 2012, ed. 2
  • Dental surgery 5 lessons (15 hours) - 5 books
    Maxillofacial surgery. Ed. L. Kryst, W-wa, PZWL 2007
    Maxillofacial surgery. Ed. S. Bartkowski, AM Kraków 1996
    Basics of dental surgery. Ed. Dominiak M., Zapała J., Gedrange T., Elsevier Urban & Partner; editions: II, 2013
    Dental tumors and tumor-like tumors. T.Kaczmarzyk, J. Stypułkowska, R.Tomaszewska, J. Czopek, Quintessence, 2009
    Contemporary pharmacotherapy in diseases of oral surgery and surrounding tissues. Kaczmarzyk T., Goszcz A., Grodzińska L., Stypułkowska J., Woroń J., Zaleska M.:, Wyd. UJ, Cracow 2006
    Dental and maxillo-facial surgery. L. J. Peterson, E. Ellis, J. R. Hupp, M.R. Tucker, Czelej Publishing House
    Cysts of the maxillo-facial area. Ed. T. Kaczmarzyk, Kwintesencja 2015 Publisher
    Łasiński W .: Anatomy of the head for dentists, PZWL-all editions.
  • Periodontology 4 lessons (12 hours) - 2 books
    Modern periodiodology. R. Górska and T. Konopka, Med. Tour Press International, Otwock 2013
    Diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosa diseases, ed. By Renata Górska, Med. Tour Press International Otwock 2011
  • Dental prosthetics 5 lessons (15 hours) - 4 books
    Spiechowicz E .: Prosthodontics. PZWL Warsaw 2013, edition 6.
    Majewski S .: Contemporary dental prosthetics. Elsevier Urban & Partner, Wrocław 2014.
    S. Majewski, M. Pryliński: Materials and technologies of contemporary dental prosthetics, Czelej Publishing House, Lublin 2013.
    E. Mierzwińska-Nastalska (red): Diagnosis of the masticatory apparatus, Med. Tour Press International 2016.
  • Ortodontics - 3 lessons (9 hours) - 3 books
    Irena Karłowska (ed.): Outline of modern orthodontics. Handbook for students and dentists, Warsaw 2008, 3rd edition (reprint 2009), Wydawnicto Lekarskie PZWL
    Orthopedics. Rules and practice edited by F. Łabiszewska-Jaruzelska, PZWL, 3rd edition, Warsaw 1997
    ABC of Materials and Orthodontic Techniques, ed. A. Komorowska, Wyd. Polish Orthodontic Society, Lublin 2009

My many years of experience in teaching this exam started in 2007, I know that a short course is often not enough, so I suggest learning longer, more arduous and more precise.
Try to learn with me to LDEK, see how many details you miss and how much more you need to complete. Raising the score requires systematic learning and that is why my lessons from week to week will make your level of knowledge rise. Personalized personality is a much more effective science.
My lessons have been created to help you achieve your goal.

With appreciation
dr n med Kamila Czekalska